Compress PDF files using MRC method

MRC derives from Mixed Raster Content, and is a method for compressing images that contain both binary text and continuous-tone components, using image segmentation methods to improve the level of compression and the quality of the rendered image.

By separating the image into components with different levels of compressibility, the most efficient and accurate compression algorithms for each type can be used. (source:

  1. This method can be used on PDF files, allowing ultra compressions, specially for digitalized documents in colors with PDF/A standard, making a file up to 90% smaller! For digitalization projects this is wonderful!
    All common PDF readers already recognize this format, and there is some PDF writers/converters available in the market. Unfortunatelly Adobe PRO is not able to use MRC method until now (feb 2017).
    One that I already tested is Luratech Compressor (

See this comparison using the same PDF file with 4 pages:

Name Compression type Color mode File Size
pdfa_original_without_compression_400dpi_10MB.pdf None Color 10MB
pdfa_simple_compression_150dpi_2MB JPEG Color 2MB
pdfa_color_mrc_compression_1MB MRC Color 1MB
pdfa_grayscale_mrc_compression_500KB MRC Grayscale 500KB

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Compress PDF files using MRC method
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