Adulting 101 library course

A very creative, awesome and practical idea from North Bend Public Library (United States): a basic how-tos course for ages 16-25! Would love get that at my town!

According to the annoucement: ”
@theNorthBendPublicLibrary. Learn some of the skills you will need when you leave your parents’ home – Can I make a grilled cheese sandwich with an iron? Can I get a job? Where do I begin? How do I manage my money? How do I shop for food?
There are a lot of questions you will ask when you leave home, let us answer some for you. Monthly programs address basic adult skills @theNorthBendPublicLibrary.”

“As part of the Coos County Library Service District, the North Bend Public Library serves patrons living within Coos County, Oregon.”

Library website:

Thanks to Filipe Soares from for sharing that!

Adulting 101 library course
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