About the project
How many ideas do you know that are practiced in your library or in other libraries that are mentioned on websites, known through events, in the media, or on social networks?
This open, collaborative space has emerged to record and share these ideas to be adopted in your library or information center.
The site’s inspiration came from the already extinct “Sobresites” Guide to Library Science (Guia de Biblioteconomia), for which I was a volunteer editor, and also in the recent book “Emerging Ideas in Library Science” (Ideias emergentes em Biblioteconomia) published in 2016 and organized by Jorge do Prado (https://ideiasemergentes.wordpress.com).
The name came from a great mailing list called Web4lib (http://web4lib.org) which I recommend for web-related topics in libraries.
It does not matter if it’s a small or big idea, simple or more elaborate, existing or imaginary: inspire and be inspired!
I hope you enjoy this space and, above all, participate, share and collaborate!
Good ideas improve libraries, libraries improve people and people can make the the world better!

About the author

I am a Brazilian and Italian citizen, passionate about libraries.
Since I started attending the public library in my hometown (Júlio de Castilhos, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) I was fascinated by the world of information, books and the services and activities provided in these spaces of knowledge.
As much as I like, I became a librarian (graduated from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil). I am also a graduate in Business Administration and Information Systems Analysis. From 1999 to 2018 I worked as a librarian at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil.
Currently, I work at EBSCO Information Services as SaaS Innovation Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Hope you enjoy!

Michelângelo Viana